toolkit/AWML WebAudio Demo

This technology presentation demonstrates DeusO's Toolkit + AWML widget libraries working in conjunction with the WebAudio API. The primary purpose is to showcase the flexibility of Deuso's web-based user interfaces as well as the potential of browser based networked applications for controlling pro-audio equipment.

WebAudio support

This demo uses the WebAudio API for realtime audio processing. The WebAudio API is a recent addition to the HTML5 standard and not yet well supported. However, the WebAudio API is not the focus of our demo, rather a convenient way to represent what our customer's equipment often handles.

Nevertheless, the WebAudio API conveniently allows us to virtually represent multiple hardware devices and demonstrate an example of a networked audio control application with indicative graphical user interfaces connected to realtime audio processing.

How To Use It

Simply clicking or tapping on the player will toggle play/stop. This controls master playback for the five channels.

Strip: Each channel has a source, two effects plugins and mix.

System Requirements

As of July 2016, the WebAudio API is properly supported in the Google Chrome web-browser.
This demo will therefore only work reliably in modern versions of Chrome.
Our toolkit and AWML libraries support all modern browsers.

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